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Roast Duck Presentation Cuisine Cuisine IFC Hong Kong

Overseas Dragon Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup








Chopped Pork and Ham

A lover of Underwood Deviled Ham, but not so much Spam – I hope to try this HK version

The kitschy packaging also is inviting!

Vegetarian Cold Noodles Causeway Bay Hong Kong

You mix your own little bowl – the best bits are bean sprouts, woodear mushrooms, sesame seeds and sesame sauce

Street Zhong for Tuen Ng, Dragon Boat Festival

Zhong are stuffed glutinous rice dumplings, wrapped in bamboo or other leaves, tied and boiled or steamed.

The ancient dive around the corner from my flat, had Zhong for the last 2 weeks hanging in the street.

I could not resist any longer, broke down and took one for lunch.

The cook Cantonese mimed that she had made them herself and tried to give me a yotiao as well.

Gustatory goal of Zhong achieved, I declined the yotiao

It was hot and comforting, a chunk of chicken and an egg yolk inside.

How to get there: go to K Town, around the corner from the plant caretaker who has 2 yellow dogs

– one big with curiously pink eyes and one so small and stiff he looks stuffed

– at night you can see through the grated gate of his sidewalk adjoining apartment and see him dozing in front of the shrine and TV

Stroll past the mahjong players, fish ball seller and dumpling stall

Look for the turnip cakes waiting on the flat top next to the mini bus stop.

Wan Chai Wet Market

Rose Apple/Love Apple

Jack Fruit

Custard Apple/Cherimoya/Soursop

Mangosteen: Queen of Fruit

Mini Pork Sliders on Mantou Bun

Mini Minced Pork Sliders, Pickled Daikon and Carrot, Fresh Coriander, Spicy Sauce on Mantou Bun (made from Rice Flour)

At my favorite restaurant – Thanks Chef Angela!

Dragon Fruit

Also available in white!

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