This Amazing Place

I live in Hong Kong.

Lucky – this is the second time.

Every day is amazing.

A Cantonese speaking region, in a Mandarin speaking country, where English can be used everywhere, especially in government offices and business.

The engineering marvels of the MTR – the superior subway system and the tightly sandwiched skyscrapers clinging to the side of slippery subtropical slopes are seldom matched.

Traveling along the “highway” looping the Western District to the Eastern District of HK, a view of the busy cozy harbor with cheerful ferries and fishing junks popping to over two hundred islands looks like a movie.

Hong Kong has become even more cosmopolitan in the last ten years, with French, and Mandarin, often spoken on the streets, as products in even the smallest grocery shops becoming increasingly international – the selection of beverages and of all things eggs – from five continents.

And it’s relatively safe. We come and go, day and night, young and old, unaccosted for the most part – note Hong Kong is one of the most inequitable places on earth – shiny new concept cars and empty uber high end shops are more of a red flag than signs of equal opportunity.

Love Hong Kong.

Change is a good thing, but not too much, please.



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