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Sweet Apricots










Sweet Apricots

Great as snacks

As all hand fruit is

I estimate these were 25 cents per piece

An admitted ice cream and cookie addict, I have no problem getting 5 – 7 servings of fruit and vegetables each day

And those are raw

They take no preparation other than washing and a bit of trimming

Large carrots, sometimes I peel ’em, sometimes I don’t, but I always wash ’em, I eat ’em in the car instead of M&M’s!

Celery, trim and wash only, I always eat the leaves

Cucumber – wash only, then I often eat a half or third as a snack

Apples – a favorite, just washed

Strawberries – cheap now in Louisiana, even the ones coming from Cali – rinse and top – I eat the alone, with yogurt, on cereal and yes, with my beloved ice cream

Bananas – only eat half at a time, find them really filling

Salad and Sprouts – if I am not having a full on salad, I still load up my sandwich with a huge hand full of salad mix and sprouts

These are all easy, quick and awesome!















This is fast, healthy, affordable and best of all at home!

Baby Greens and Spinach Mix from Rouses – not cheap, but I can usually get 6 – 8 servings of salads and sandwiches from a $3.99 container

Baby Tomatoes – I buy the cheapest that week, cut them in half, they give a pop of acidity

Celery – always keep it around for snacks

Cucumber – always in the house for snacks

Onion – always have one for making soups etc

Cheese – we love it and always have some in the fridge, this was a little bit – literally 1 -2 ounces of leftover Grana Padana

Leftover Fried Chicken – Made Fried Chicken for Mother’s Day, my mom loves it, I love my mom!

Potato Salad – Leftover from the homemade batch for Mother’s Day – tastes better every day

Three Bean Salad – my mom’s friend brought it over on Monday – we ate a little bit each day with our lunch sandwiches and salads till it was all gone

For Dressing – what ever you like – my mom likes Raspberry vinaigrette, I usually do a drizzle of olive oil or Flax Seed Oil and a splash of Balsamic or Apple Cider Vin

Yes, sometimes I use a thinned out Newman’s Own Creamy Caesar drizzle

I love restaurants, always have, always will

But I am an advocate for eating at home, always


1. Health

2. Cost

3. Convenience

– more on these later

Procrastination Celery Soup Recipe

Procrastination Celery Soup Recipe










Yield: 7 – 8 Guilt-Free servings

1. 1 x deadline: taxes, paper or project due asap

2. 1 x cooler than usual New Orleans May day

3. Make sure you blog it asap

4. 1 x bunch wilting celery

5. 4 x cloves garlic, smashed and minced

6. 1 x white or yellow onion, medium dice

7. 1 x russet potato or equal amount of cooked rice

8. 2 x Tblsp. olive oil

9. water to cover + adjust for consistency

10. 3/4 cup skim milk, rice milk or soy milk

11. salt and pepper to taste

sweat onions, garlic and celery till translucent

cover with water

cook till tender, about 40 minutes

puree in blender

adjust seasoning – taste, adjust, taste, adjust

add more water or “milk” till you like the thickness – taste, adjust, taste, adjust

cook a bit more to a wafting starting simmer

– next time I will add some lemon rind, or the leftover apples in the produce bin

– I did not sieve this or strain, it was not stringy, it had a great texture and is delicious

Little Korea NOLA Spicy Tofu Soup

Got my Korean on after 5 days of Living #BelowTheLine

Little Korea NOLA Spicy Tofu Soup



Live #BelowTheLine Menu Day 5

Live #BelowTheLine Menu Day 5

Below is my menu from yesterday.

I exceeded budget by $.01.

If I were impoverished, I would have run out of food and money by the end of the day, week or month

– depending on how I was paid and the vagaries of life.

Had a cold and a sore throat this week

– did not buy any over the counter meds or see a Dr.

I also could not load up on citrus fruit and non-caffeine tea,

as I usually would have done, due to challenge budget.

Sleep is key to staying well, if I were poor, raising a family and working,

this would have been an issue.

Several days this week it rained very hard and hailed.

Was unseasonably cold last night in New Orleans, around 50F.

Again, an issue for those who are homeless, poor,

live in substandard or inadequate housing

– a situation that exists a few blocks from my cozy apartment.

I am always mindful of the cost of things, but after this week even more so.

Today, Saturday, the day after the challenge, I loaded up on strawberries as big as a baby’s fist and small mandarin oranges.

A trip to the Holly Grove Market and one of my favorite bakeries is happening shortly.

I will cook for my family tomorrow for mother’s day.

I wish and pray I could wave a magic wand and make everyone as lucky as I am.

Menu Day 5                                                                  


Banana, 1 sm  $0.12

Yogurt Lw Ft  3oz  $0.20


Bread, Wht  2 slices  $0.09

Pork Neckbones  2 oz  $0.12

Salad Dressing    .35oz/1 Tblsp.    $0.03


Rice, Long   1.58oz/.25cup   $0.10

Chicken Thigh  4.6oz/.5 pc  $0.45


Apple, Red Delicious        1/2 apple             $0.22

Carrot, Lg  2oz   $0.09

Celery    1 rib       $0.09

TOTAL $1.51

Down and Out in Paris and London, Kitchen Confidential, Behind The Kitchen Door

ipad as of may 3 2012 072









Orwell’s Down and Out in London and Paris is a culinary must read.

It is Orwell’s own story of poverty, hunger and struggle while working in hotels and restaurants, floating from job to job.

The novel is a precursor to Bourdain‘s Kitchen Confidential and chronicles aspects of the hospitality sector which remain today.

Behind the Kitchen Door, by Saru Jayaraman, is also somewhat intertextually related to Down and Out. Behind The Kitchen Door is a scholarly work, printed by Cornell University Press. It champions a living wage for all hospitality workers, a safe, equal and respectful working environment, and the importance of health insurance, sick days and hygiene.


Live #belowtheline Breakfast Day 4


Oatmeal 1/2 cup dry $.08

Banana, 1 sm $.12

Water 1+cup

No sugar or sweetener – I actually don’t have any in my house!

Banana was sweet enough

My favorite thing

Oat “milk”

Oat “gravy”

that forms when it is cooked longer than the five minutes recommended

a creamy, unctuous oatmeal nage coats the rim of the quivering, cooking oats

I couldn’t eat it all – will save for a snack later, when i will invariably be hungry or just bored

Elephants in Cambodia


Elephants are elegant

Especially in Choron Sauce

Just kidding

Took this pic on a trip to Cambodia

with my dear friend Smith

Funny, I can’t find any photos of food on that trip

Not even of the foie gras at the boutique hotel


Live #BelowTheLine Menu Day 4










I volunteer as a Chef Instructor for Cooking Matters, Second Harvest

Tonight we had a class, the concept is healthy affordable cooking

We cook and eat as a family

I did join in dinner, but did not add extra items to off-set the zero cost

So, Menu 4 total cost is a bit skewed, but here it is

Menu Day 4


Oats, Old Fashioned  1.4oz/.5cup dry        $0.08

Banana 1 sm $0.12


Bread, Wht 2 slices  $0.09

Bologna 2 slices  $0.16

Salad Dressing 1 Tblsp.    $0.03


Whole Wheat Linguine 1.5 oz       $-

White Beans, canned 1.5oz           $-

Mustard Greens .5 cup $-

White Onion   .25 cup      $-

Garlic   1 clove    $-

Olive Oil   1 Tblsp              $-

S&P   to taste      $-

Red Chili Flakes  to taste  $-


Carrots, Lg 1 carrot    $0.09

Celery    1 rib   $0.09

Apples, Red Delicious   1/2 apple   $0.22

TOTAL $.88

Hong Kong, Dubai and US! Live #BelowTheLine challenge – $1.50 a day for food and drink for 5 days

I encourage everyone to be mindful of the struggle many people have to feed themselves and their families.
See Cheryl Crow talk about on Youtube
Over 50 million Americans face food insecurity

I encourage everyone to be mindful of the struggle many people have to feed themselves and their families. See Cheryl Crow talk about on Youtube Over 50 million Americans face food insecurity

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