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Korean Pork BBQ Bite



The perfect bite of daikon, garlic dipped fatty BBQ pork, mushroom and onion.

Early Days Hong Kong 2008


My walk each day from office on Queen’s Road Central and Pedder Street to kitchens and restaurants at Exchange Square


First Chinese Banquet dish-up at the Country Club in Tai Tam with team


Bacon, Sausage and Duck leg in Kennedy Town

Is this China or France?

Food just as fabulous!

Pork Loin, Cherries, Cherry-Pork Reduction

Pork Loin Cherries

Restaurant Dishes at Home!

Roast Pork Loin, Cherries and Cherry-Pork Reduction

Beets and their greens, garlic broccolini

Cooking the best for mom at home, always better (and less expensive) than dining in a restaurant

Hong Kong in January

I moved to Hong Kong in January 2008 for a position as Executive Chef.

I had the first few days free,

and wandered around near the provided serviced apartment in Causeway Bay.

It is as crowded as it looks. Someone once walked right over the tops of my feet.

Walking corn ad

Walking Corn Ad outside of Sogo, a giant Japanese department store/supermarket

Lamb butcher

Hong Kong still has open air markets and food stalls, but these are disappearing.

On many corners there are 7-elevens and Circle Ks.

Seafood Stall

Hong Kong Seafood stall

HK bbq

Hong Kong surely has the best BBQ!

And some of the best views!

View for 29 Kai Wai Man Road

From my terrace on Ka Wai Man Road in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Dinner Pork Neck and Grits 34 cents

I made grits ahead of time – hence their unnatural shape

The pork neck bones were braised for 2 1/2 hours

I salvaged some tomato that was going south,

one left over packet of McDonald’s ketchup I found in my fridge

and one pack of raw sugar I got for free a few weeks ago at French Quarter Fest

This dinner was very filling, but bare

samsung may 1 544

Hong Kong, Dubai and US! Live #BelowTheLine challenge – $1.50 a day for food and drink for 5 days

BBQ Pork Ribs

Fat Hen, St. Charles, New Orleans

Slaw and ‘Q

Latte, Apple Pie a la mode

Wah Fung BBQ Goose and Pork

The Goose was so juicy. JC ordered too much, as usual, and it made a great shared lunch the next day.

Chopped Pork and Ham

A lover of Underwood Deviled Ham, but not so much Spam – I hope to try this HK version

The kitschy packaging also is inviting!

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