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So it’s Sunday


So it’s Sunday

Thought I’d try to live like New York in Daejeon

There would be no Barney Greengrass, no bagel and schmear

Coffee and something savory, or this being Korea, something sweet-savory.

Hoping it wasn’t crowded, I took a subway to Sung Sim Dang Cake Boutique.

At 11:15, empty café chairs and small marble tables stood on the parquet floor, with brass pendent lighting above.

Searching the cases for a classic croissant, it dawned on me this was a CAKE Boutique – no viennoisserie in sight.

All sorts of soft, sweet, Euro-Korean cake-like treats sat behind chilled glass

Pretty portions of Blueberry Tarts and giant Choco Rolls were surrounded with strawberry laden fresh cream cakes

I chose a precision packaged mini orange pound cake, made dense with whipped almond paste, soaked in orange sugar syrup, and topped with candied orange.

At noon the bells began to toll from a nearby church, time to read the NY Times, online.

Power of Local Foods, Korea

Went looking for this online




Found this


Everyone loves Oreos




Alchon Restaurant Flying Fish Roe on Rice, Daejeon

New restaurant near Woosong University

very good, very affordable

spicy, even the deceptive clear soup

can’t beat the 3,500 won price

Sort of like chirashi-bibimbap

cashier very friendly, caring and helpful

full of students

imageimage        imageimageimageimageimage










Cappuccino — swishing required

We all have our little coffee habits.

Not how many cups we drink a day, but tiny tics we act out with every other sip.

I swish my cappuccino. The nutmeg flecked foam crown is drawn down by the coffee. White with brown and then brown on top of white.

Tapping is also my thing, I tap the stiff paper cup on the desk forcing the milk further, followed by two to three rounds of swishing.

In the end the beige foam sits at the bottom as I tap and swish in reverse.


Another Coffee Cafe

Another Coffee Cafe in the neighborhood

That’s six in a three block radius

More in modern Korea


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