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Breakfast Salad

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There is a challenge on some social media platforms for #healthy food p..n

Sorry, I can’t bear to type the word, as I try to keep this blog strictly “G” and purely positive

This is a great big breakfast bowl of cucumber, strawberries and peaches

Vegetables for Breakfast!

Hollygrove Market carrots, beets and collard greens.

Left-overs from Sunday night’s dinner $$$

Rice for breakfast!

Collard greens sautéed with a bit of bacon and onion.

Watermelon today too, yummy believe it or not!

Mediterranean and Asia are meeting in the Deep South during a freeze!

Entergy sent me a text:

“2100 restoration workers assembling for winter storm response. Prepare for outages that could last 3 to 5 days.”

Banana Republic!

healthy hot breakfast

Morning Melon Memories of Switzerland

Morning Melon

I had a friend; a tall, lanky, marathon running German electrical engineer.

His girlfriend was studying in Zürich; I went to visit.

Claus and I took day trips by rail with our red Swiss flexi passes.

Up and down to glaciers and valleys.

More than mountains, I was keen for the dining car.

Claus had warned me it would not be worth it.

Immediately we heard Eastern European arguing, shouts from the Chef and the waitress.

It began to look like there would be no lunch.

We sat at a close quartered table and stared up through the glass ceiling, cool air and tall trees to clear Swiss sky.

A miracle of melon with perfect prosciutto in the hand of a smiling woman appeared.

Claus was shocked and suddenly hungry.

Breaking baguette, we dabbed butter on every other bite.

There was another course, perhaps veal.

But it is overshadowed in memory by such a perfect prosciutto wrapped melon.

Sweet Apricots










Sweet Apricots

Great as snacks

As all hand fruit is

I estimate these were 25 cents per piece

An admitted ice cream and cookie addict, I have no problem getting 5 – 7 servings of fruit and vegetables each day

And those are raw

They take no preparation other than washing and a bit of trimming

Large carrots, sometimes I peel ’em, sometimes I don’t, but I always wash ’em, I eat ’em in the car instead of M&M’s!

Celery, trim and wash only, I always eat the leaves

Cucumber – wash only, then I often eat a half or third as a snack

Apples – a favorite, just washed

Strawberries – cheap now in Louisiana, even the ones coming from Cali – rinse and top – I eat the alone, with yogurt, on cereal and yes, with my beloved ice cream

Bananas – only eat half at a time, find them really filling

Salad and Sprouts – if I am not having a full on salad, I still load up my sandwich with a huge hand full of salad mix and sprouts

These are all easy, quick and awesome!



Hong Kong, Dubai and US! Live #BelowTheLine challenge – $1.50 a day for food and drink for 5 days

Wan Chai Wet Market

Rose Apple/Love Apple

Jack Fruit

Custard Apple/Cherimoya/Soursop

Mangosteen: Queen of Fruit

Dragon Fruit

Also available in white!

Bay Berry

Fresh fruit and vegetables are available all year round in Hong Kong.

Bay Berries are native to Asia and are in season.

I purchased 3 pieces for $4HK – around $.50US – were priced at $30HK per pound.

Blueberries are available throughout the year from different corners of the world.

I bought blueberries this week in Welcome, 4.4oz/125 grams for around $2US from Hurst’s Berry Farm in Sheridan, Oregon, USA.

Cheap eats are healthy and abundant in Hong Kong!

Market Street Shop, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

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