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River Shack NOLA

River Shack

The charming River Shack on River Road, along the Mississippi.

The levee is in the background.

This is Americana.

Fried Pickles

Fried Pickles

Dill pickle chips, dipped in seasoned buttermilk, dredged in a cornmeal and all-purpose flour mixture and deep-fried.

Great with tabasco mayonnaise dip.

Breakfast Salad

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There is a challenge on some social media platforms for #healthy food p..n

Sorry, I can’t bear to type the word, as I try to keep this blog strictly “G” and purely positive

This is a great big breakfast bowl of cucumber, strawberries and peaches

Early Days Hong Kong 2008


My walk each day from office on Queen’s Road Central and Pedder Street to kitchens and restaurants at Exchange Square


First Chinese Banquet dish-up at the Country Club in Tai Tam with team


Bacon, Sausage and Duck leg in Kennedy Town

Is this China or France?

Food just as fabulous!

Old School NOLA

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Original New Orleans BBQ Shrimp

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Pascal’s Manale serves Leidenheimer New Orleans style French Bread

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Those are some chubby Gulf oysters


Throwback Thursday Me & Luis Porras Westin La Paloma circa 1988

Me and Luis 1988

It’s a small world!

We met again on a bus

– Kennedy Town to Central Hong Kong 2009

Twenty-one years changes a lot, but not camaraderie



Pork Loin, Cherries, Cherry-Pork Reduction

Pork Loin Cherries

Restaurant Dishes at Home!

Roast Pork Loin, Cherries and Cherry-Pork Reduction

Beets and their greens, garlic broccolini

Cooking the best for mom at home, always better (and less expensive) than dining in a restaurant

Hong Kong in January

I moved to Hong Kong in January 2008 for a position as Executive Chef.

I had the first few days free,

and wandered around near the provided serviced apartment in Causeway Bay.

It is as crowded as it looks. Someone once walked right over the tops of my feet.

Walking corn ad

Walking Corn Ad outside of Sogo, a giant Japanese department store/supermarket

Lamb butcher

Hong Kong still has open air markets and food stalls, but these are disappearing.

On many corners there are 7-elevens and Circle Ks.

Seafood Stall

Hong Kong Seafood stall

HK bbq

Hong Kong surely has the best BBQ!

And some of the best views!

View for 29 Kai Wai Man Road

From my terrace on Ka Wai Man Road in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

District Donuts Sliders Brew

district d

Delish donuts, biscuits and kolache


Kolache, stuffed with spicy sausage-like filling


Cheeseburger Slider on Weiss Guys bun, baked by David Weiss!

And waffle fries

lem donut

Lemon Poppyseed Donut

maple sri donut

Maple Sriracha Donut

The coffee is great

Chocolate milk on tap!

Pineapple Dole Whip

– a Dole pineapple flavored soft serve ice cream

I love this place, lots of others do too!

Mythical Mallomars


Mallomars only available in winter?

It’s true!

I was walking through Robert Fresh Market on Claybone,

looking for the 100 calorie pack microwave popcorn–

yeah, air popped is best.

One lonely box of Mallomars on the top shelf,

leaning over the edge,

just for me.

Dad’s favorite cookie, a NY/NJ staple, now made in Canada.

No Whippet’s are not the same.

They lack the sharp bite of the Mallomar’s chocolate.

The snap and crack of that delicious coat can’t be matched.

Mallomars may be made in a factory,

but they live up to the myth,

if only once a year.


Cochon Butcher NOLA

cochon work

Cochon Butcher handiwork


All American Hard Cider


Skinny Crisp Tasty Reuben

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