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So it’s Sunday


So it’s Sunday

Thought I’d try to live like New York in Daejeon

There would be no Barney Greengrass, no bagel and schmear

Coffee and something savory, or this being Korea, something sweet-savory.

Hoping it wasn’t crowded, I took a subway to Sung Sim Dang Cake Boutique.

At 11:15, empty café chairs and small marble tables stood on the parquet floor, with brass pendent lighting above.

Searching the cases for a classic croissant, it dawned on me this was a CAKE Boutique – no viennoisserie in sight.

All sorts of soft, sweet, Euro-Korean cake-like treats sat behind chilled glass

Pretty portions of Blueberry Tarts and giant Choco Rolls were surrounded with strawberry laden fresh cream cakes

I chose a precision packaged mini orange pound cake, made dense with whipped almond paste, soaked in orange sugar syrup, and topped with candied orange.

At noon the bells began to toll from a nearby church, time to read the NY Times, online.

Chicken and Egg InsaDong

Chicken and Egg InsaDong.

Many Mixers



Pastry Class at Woosong

Compliments of Chef Pascal Schwalm

Mini Eggs Benedict


Breakfast Woosong College Chef Connie’s class

Tortoloni Korean Style


This is one of my favorite Korean soups

Giant Tortoloni stuffed with…

Above with minced chicken and green leafy veg

In chicken broth, with tendrils of egg, julienne wakame, and toasted sesame seeds

They also added rice cake slices, not necessary

The best version I have had is actually fish broth with minced fish filled tortoloni

Name This Vegetable


Kohlrabi; unloved, underappreciated!

Early Days Hong Kong 2008


My walk each day from office on Queen’s Road Central and Pedder Street to kitchens and restaurants at Exchange Square


First Chinese Banquet dish-up at the Country Club in Tai Tam with team


Bacon, Sausage and Duck leg in Kennedy Town

Is this China or France?

Food just as fabulous!

Old School NOLA

pics samsung 1 19 14 1097

Original New Orleans BBQ Shrimp

pics samsung 1 19 14 1095

Pascal’s Manale serves Leidenheimer New Orleans style French Bread

pics samsung 1 19 14 1098

Those are some chubby Gulf oysters


Throwback Thursday Me & Luis Porras Westin La Paloma circa 1988

Me and Luis 1988

It’s a small world!

We met again on a bus

– Kennedy Town to Central Hong Kong 2009

Twenty-one years changes a lot, but not camaraderie



Pork Loin, Cherries, Cherry-Pork Reduction

Pork Loin Cherries

Restaurant Dishes at Home!

Roast Pork Loin, Cherries and Cherry-Pork Reduction

Beets and their greens, garlic broccolini

Cooking the best for mom at home, always better (and less expensive) than dining in a restaurant

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