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Live #BelowTheLine Menu Day 2

Day 1 was ok, I stuck to my plan all day.

In the evening, at my Hunters and Gatherers class at Tulane University – there was candy!

One savvy student had planned an interactive game as part of her presentation on an HG group.

Having a major headache and two final papers due the next day – I had my share – 3 mini chocolates!

But, when my classmate offered me more – I had a quick visceral reaction

no, I couldn’t!, it wouldn’t be right – and it would not have been

Day 2 was better, Day 3 is going well

Menu Day 2


Banana, 1 sm       $0.12

Yogurt Lw Ft  3oz $0.21


Mackerel, Can    1.5oz $0.18

Rice, Long White, Mahatma 1.58oz/.25cup $0.10

Broccoli, Frozen Florets for Steaming 1oz $0.10


Pork Neckbones 4oz $0.25

Grits, Quick J Dan 1.44oz/.25cup $0.09


Bread, Wht Sndwch 1 slice $0.05

Carrots, Lg Bag 1 carrot = 2.3 oz $0.09

Celery 1 rib $0.09

Apples, Red Delicious 1/2 apple $0.22

TOTAL $1.50

Tulane University on the Leaderboard for LiveBelowtheLine!

Massive thanks to Jo Ann Davis, Juanita Bonita, Alison Ross, Anne Wallis and all the anonymous donors – mom –

for donating to my Live Below the Line fundraising campaign!

Can you also chip in $100 USD? Every donation goes towards helping end extreme poverty.

Thanks for all the support! I will be a bit hungry next week.

cat hungry

check it out!


Professional Eater, Semi-Retired

I was a Cook, and a Chef for many years.

I was also a Professional Eater, in many ways I still am.

Should those words be capitalized?

Yes, it was my title, I was good at it, I dedicated time, money, effort and my life to it.

I traveled far and wide, I took educational food vacations, attended conferences, studied wine, dined alone and in groups.

I am not alone, food as sport, food as art, food as an obsession, has been in fashion for years.

These days I am thinking about what I eat and how much I spend on food – not just money, but how much time I dedicate to the pursuit of my next meal.

In August 2012 I started a break from the professional hospitality world, tended to a dying father, returned to study at a University, and volunteered to share my cooking skills within community.

Now, more often, I cook at home in pursuit of balance.

I dine out less frequently.

Beginning Monday April 29 till Friday May 3, I will live on $1.50 a day for food and drink.

This is in support of Live Below The Line and the 1.4 Billion people worldwide who survive on only $1.5o a day – living every day in extreme poverty.

Though I am a Professional Chef, a very skilled cook, and an expert bargain hunter – it will be a difficult challenge.

Please support this cause and think of those less fortunate the next time you buy a $3 coffee or dine out.

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