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Live #BelowTheLine Menu Day 3

No Waste!

No Trim!

No kitchen accidents!

We forget in our quality driven food environment if you burn it, it falls on the floor,

or if it is a bit brown

you would not have any other option, but to consume the little food you have

@ $1.50 per day

You have to eat it

Yes, I fished out the few strands of spaghetti that fell through the holes of the strainer

My broccoli was a little brown on the stalk end, but I did not trim it

The tomato sauce was at the end of the jar – I put water in the jar, replaced the lid and shook hard to get every bit

I could have spent less on tomato sauce in a can, but I did not see it at my neighborhood Sav aLot

Menu Day 3


Apples, Red Delicious  1/2 apple  $0.22


Egg, Lg 1 pc $0.09

Grits 1.44oz/.25cup dry $0.09

Chicken fat – free from cooking chicken thighs earlier in the week


Pasta, Spaghetti  2oz $0.17

Sauce, Tomato  4oz $0.25

Broccoli 2oz  $0.27


Banana 1 sm  $0.12

Yogurt Lw Ft  4oz  $0.27

TOTAL $1.48


Fish Balls

Fish Balls are popular in soups in Hong Kong, there is an amazing variety.

Fish Balls are served along with Wontons  and/or Noodles in Soup.

Mini sausages pictured left sometimes have cheese inside.

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