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Chicken and Egg InsaDong

Chicken and Egg InsaDong.

Early Days Hong Kong 2008


My walk each day from office on Queen’s Road Central and Pedder Street to kitchens and restaurants at Exchange Square


First Chinese Banquet dish-up at the Country Club in Tai Tam with team


Bacon, Sausage and Duck leg in Kennedy Town

Is this China or France?

Food just as fabulous!

Hong Kong in January

I moved to Hong Kong in January 2008 for a position as Executive Chef.

I had the first few days free,

and wandered around near the provided serviced apartment in Causeway Bay.

It is as crowded as it looks. Someone once walked right over the tops of my feet.

Walking corn ad

Walking Corn Ad outside of Sogo, a giant Japanese department store/supermarket

Lamb butcher

Hong Kong still has open air markets and food stalls, but these are disappearing.

On many corners there are 7-elevens and Circle Ks.

Seafood Stall

Hong Kong Seafood stall

HK bbq

Hong Kong surely has the best BBQ!

And some of the best views!

View for 29 Kai Wai Man Road

From my terrace on Ka Wai Man Road in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Willie Mae’s Scotch House in the Treme, New Orleans

Willi Mae's

WM Fried Chicken

Willie Mae’s Famous Fried Chicken, seriously simple













This is fast, healthy, affordable and best of all at home!

Baby Greens and Spinach Mix from Rouses – not cheap, but I can usually get 6 – 8 servings of salads and sandwiches from a $3.99 container

Baby Tomatoes – I buy the cheapest that week, cut them in half, they give a pop of acidity

Celery – always keep it around for snacks

Cucumber – always in the house for snacks

Onion – always have one for making soups etc

Cheese – we love it and always have some in the fridge, this was a little bit – literally 1 -2 ounces of leftover Grana Padana

Leftover Fried Chicken – Made Fried Chicken for Mother’s Day, my mom loves it, I love my mom!

Potato Salad – Leftover from the homemade batch for Mother’s Day – tastes better every day

Three Bean Salad – my mom’s friend brought it over on Monday – we ate a little bit each day with our lunch sandwiches and salads till it was all gone

For Dressing – what ever you like – my mom likes Raspberry vinaigrette, I usually do a drizzle of olive oil or Flax Seed Oil and a splash of Balsamic or Apple Cider Vin

Yes, sometimes I use a thinned out Newman’s Own Creamy Caesar drizzle

I love restaurants, always have, always will

But I am an advocate for eating at home, always


1. Health

2. Cost

3. Convenience

– more on these later

Hong Kong, Dubai and US! Live #BelowTheLine challenge – $1.50 a day for food and drink for 5 days

Wah Fung BBQ Goose and Pork

The Goose was so juicy. JC ordered too much, as usual, and it made a great shared lunch the next day.

Neighborhood BBQ

There are four BBQ shops within 2 blocks of my flat, lucky me!

Comforting Chicken Congee Queen’s Road Central Hong Kong

Warm rice porridge with chicken, preserved egg, spring onion and wonton crisps

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