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Wood Fired Pizza Domenica, New Orleans

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Best Pizza in Nola!

Thanks Chef Besh.

Best part half price pizza and wine happy hour seven days a week.

Asian Food

I hear you Chef Beth! 8,000 miles away

Nola to Dubai, but dine in place!

Some Saj, Mouttabel or Shish!

Late night shwarma run, extra toom, please

There are times when I would kill myself for Korean, food that is

Decon BiBim Bop

Or wrap myself around a tree for Japanese

Japanese Hot Pot Hida Beef

I would go on the rack for ribs

Rib racks

and would gladly choke on Cheese, Italian, please

Slow Food Cheese

Or, for Pizza would plunge into a cold dark sea


Maybe cut myself with Razor clams, oh!

Razor Clams

But I would give it all up for Gelato

Gelato Vancouver

Forno Campo de’ Fiori Roma

Forno Campo de Fiori

Forno Campo de Fiori 2

Forno breads and pastries

Breads and Pastries

Forno pizza


Forno folded pizza

Folded Pizza

Eating Pizza at Eataly in Torino

Prosciutto and Zuccini Pizza

Margarita Pizza Torino

Eating Pizza at Eataly in Torino

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