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Live #belowtheline Breakfast Day 4


Oatmeal 1/2 cup dry $.08

Banana, 1 sm $.12

Water 1+cup

No sugar or sweetener – I actually don’t have any in my house!

Banana was sweet enough

My favorite thing

Oat “milk”

Oat “gravy”

that forms when it is cooked longer than the five minutes recommended

a creamy, unctuous oatmeal nage coats the rim of the quivering, cooking oats

I couldn’t eat it all – will save for a snack later, when i will invariably be hungry or just bored

Hong Kong, Dubai and US! Live #BelowTheLine challenge – $1.50 a day for food and drink for 5 days

Professional Eater, Semi-Retired

I was a Cook, and a Chef for many years.

I was also a Professional Eater, in many ways I still am.

Should those words be capitalized?

Yes, it was my title, I was good at it, I dedicated time, money, effort and my life to it.

I traveled far and wide, I took educational food vacations, attended conferences, studied wine, dined alone and in groups.

I am not alone, food as sport, food as art, food as an obsession, has been in fashion for years.

These days I am thinking about what I eat and how much I spend on food – not just money, but how much time I dedicate to the pursuit of my next meal.

In August 2012 I started a break from the professional hospitality world, tended to a dying father, returned to study at a University, and volunteered to share my cooking skills within community.

Now, more often, I cook at home in pursuit of balance.

I dine out less frequently.

Beginning Monday April 29 till Friday May 3, I will live on $1.50 a day for food and drink.

This is in support of Live Below The Line and the 1.4 Billion people worldwide who survive on only $1.5o a day – living every day in extreme poverty.

Though I am a Professional Chef, a very skilled cook, and an expert bargain hunter – it will be a difficult challenge.

Please support this cause and think of those less fortunate the next time you buy a $3 coffee or dine out.


This blog is created to give a voice to chefs and cooks who would not be heard otherwise.

Working as a chef I have always been interested in the lives and paths of my colleagues.

Let’s share what we love, what we are, what we create, what we see, smell and taste!

I hope to hear from cooks and chefs all over the world with great stories, or simple  snapshots of professional kitchens of every kind.

Tell Your Story!

Share your pictures!

Best Food Wishes

Cooks and Chefs Tell Your Story!

Cooks and Chefs, tell me your story!
who are you?
what do you do?
where are you?
when did you know you wanted to cook?
why did you become a chef?
how did you arrive at your current destination?
share your favorite cook/chef or food pic!
Culinary Regards,
Chef Suzanne

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