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River Shack NOLA

River Shack

The charming River Shack on River Road, along the Mississippi.

The levee is in the background.

This is Americana.

Fried Pickles

Fried Pickles

Dill pickle chips, dipped in seasoned buttermilk, dredged in a cornmeal and all-purpose flour mixture and deep-fried.

Great with tabasco mayonnaise dip.

Breakfast Salad

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There is a challenge on some social media platforms for #healthy food p..n

Sorry, I can’t bear to type the word, as I try to keep this blog strictly “G” and purely positive

This is a great big breakfast bowl of cucumber, strawberries and peaches

Old School NOLA

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Original New Orleans BBQ Shrimp

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Pascal’s Manale serves Leidenheimer New Orleans style French Bread

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Those are some chubby Gulf oysters


Cochon Butcher NOLA

cochon work

Cochon Butcher handiwork


All American Hard Cider


Skinny Crisp Tasty Reuben

Cooking Matters + Habitat for Humanity NOLA

Cooking Matters  Habitat

First Saturday!

Home Cooking with Guo Qin in NOLA

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Yummy pork jiaozi and noodles with Louisiana shrimp and home-grown greens

Wood Fired Pizza Domenica, New Orleans

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Best Pizza in Nola!

Thanks Chef Besh.

Best part half price pizza and wine happy hour seven days a week.

La Boulangerie New Orleans, Magazine Street

Sunday morning I go out to

A blue bakery

Taking away, locals come and leave with white paper boxes

Come join the party!

No seating and a line in NY or HK, but

New Orleans, where town has not been strangled by city

Streets of colorful houses

Dwellings of diversity

One Latte, dainty and diminutive

Cherries in a Danish, a pastry cream coat and sharp almonds

La BoulangerieLa Boulangerie Cherry Danish

Sweet Apricots










Sweet Apricots

Great as snacks

As all hand fruit is

I estimate these were 25 cents per piece

An admitted ice cream and cookie addict, I have no problem getting 5 – 7 servings of fruit and vegetables each day

And those are raw

They take no preparation other than washing and a bit of trimming

Large carrots, sometimes I peel ’em, sometimes I don’t, but I always wash ’em, I eat ’em in the car instead of M&M’s!

Celery, trim and wash only, I always eat the leaves

Cucumber – wash only, then I often eat a half or third as a snack

Apples – a favorite, just washed

Strawberries – cheap now in Louisiana, even the ones coming from Cali – rinse and top – I eat the alone, with yogurt, on cereal and yes, with my beloved ice cream

Bananas – only eat half at a time, find them really filling

Salad and Sprouts – if I am not having a full on salad, I still load up my sandwich with a huge hand full of salad mix and sprouts

These are all easy, quick and awesome!



Live #BelowTheLine Menu Day 4










I volunteer as a Chef Instructor for Cooking Matters, Second Harvest

Tonight we had a class, the concept is healthy affordable cooking

We cook and eat as a family

I did join in dinner, but did not add extra items to off-set the zero cost

So, Menu 4 total cost is a bit skewed, but here it is

Menu Day 4


Oats, Old Fashioned  1.4oz/.5cup dry        $0.08

Banana 1 sm $0.12


Bread, Wht 2 slices  $0.09

Bologna 2 slices  $0.16

Salad Dressing 1 Tblsp.    $0.03


Whole Wheat Linguine 1.5 oz       $-

White Beans, canned 1.5oz           $-

Mustard Greens .5 cup $-

White Onion   .25 cup      $-

Garlic   1 clove    $-

Olive Oil   1 Tblsp              $-

S&P   to taste      $-

Red Chili Flakes  to taste  $-


Carrots, Lg 1 carrot    $0.09

Celery    1 rib   $0.09

Apples, Red Delicious   1/2 apple   $0.22

TOTAL $.88

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