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Rabbits and Squirrels

Rabbits and squirrels are plentiful in Louisiana, but we don’t eat them much, anymore.

In the 2oth century people have eaten wild animals and plants as part of their diet in rural America.

Western European Upper Paleolithic humans derived more than 80% of their diet from rabbit.



Next week I will live on $1.50 a day in support of LiveBelowTheLine.

A tough task, but thankfully not a necessity for me.

There are lots of rabbits and even more squirrels in my mother’s yard in Mandeville, Louisiana.

Anything I can do with a chicken, I can do with a rabbit.

Fried Rabbit, Rabbit Blanquette,  Rabbit Fricassee,  Roasted Rabbit, Rabbit Salad, Rabbit and Dumplings

The squirrel I prefer to combine with the rabbit and make a classic Brunswick Stew with potato, corn, butter beans, tomato, celery, onion, white, red, and black peppers.

I’ve heard Robin is tasty too; they are in my mom’s neighborhood as well.

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