Sweet Apricots










Sweet Apricots

Great as snacks

As all hand fruit is

I estimate these were 25 cents per piece

An admitted ice cream and cookie addict, I have no problem getting 5 – 7 servings of fruit and vegetables each day

And those are raw

They take no preparation other than washing and a bit of trimming

Large carrots, sometimes I peel ’em, sometimes I don’t, but I always wash ’em, I eat ’em in the car instead of M&M’s!

Celery, trim and wash only, I always eat the leaves

Cucumber – wash only, then I often eat a half or third as a snack

Apples – a favorite, just washed

Strawberries – cheap now in Louisiana, even the ones coming from Cali – rinse and top – I eat the alone, with yogurt, on cereal and yes, with my beloved ice cream

Bananas – only eat half at a time, find them really filling

Salad and Sprouts – if I am not having a full on salad, I still load up my sandwich with a huge hand full of salad mix and sprouts

These are all easy, quick and awesome!



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