This is fast, healthy, affordable and best of all at home!

Baby Greens and Spinach Mix from Rouses – not cheap, but I can usually get 6 – 8 servings of salads and sandwiches from a $3.99 container

Baby Tomatoes – I buy the cheapest that week, cut them in half, they give a pop of acidity

Celery – always keep it around for snacks

Cucumber – always in the house for snacks

Onion – always have one for making soups etc

Cheese – we love it and always have some in the fridge, this was a little bit – literally 1 -2 ounces of leftover Grana Padana

Leftover Fried Chicken – Made Fried Chicken for Mother’s Day, my mom loves it, I love my mom!

Potato Salad – Leftover from the homemade batch for Mother’s Day – tastes better every day

Three Bean Salad – my mom’s friend brought it over on Monday – we ate a little bit each day with our lunch sandwiches and salads till it was all gone

For Dressing – what ever you like – my mom likes Raspberry vinaigrette, I usually do a drizzle of olive oil or Flax Seed Oil and a splash of Balsamic or Apple Cider Vin

Yes, sometimes I use a thinned out Newman’s Own Creamy Caesar drizzle

I love restaurants, always have, always will

But I am an advocate for eating at home, always


1. Health

2. Cost

3. Convenience

– more on these later

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