Live #BelowTheLine Menu Day 5

Live #BelowTheLine Menu Day 5

Below is my menu from yesterday.

I exceeded budget by $.01.

If I were impoverished, I would have run out of food and money by the end of the day, week or month

– depending on how I was paid and the vagaries of life.

Had a cold and a sore throat this week

– did not buy any over the counter meds or see a Dr.

I also could not load up on citrus fruit and non-caffeine tea,

as I usually would have done, due to challenge budget.

Sleep is key to staying well, if I were poor, raising a family and working,

this would have been an issue.

Several days this week it rained very hard and hailed.

Was unseasonably cold last night in New Orleans, around 50F.

Again, an issue for those who are homeless, poor,

live in substandard or inadequate housing

– a situation that exists a few blocks from my cozy apartment.

I am always mindful of the cost of things, but after this week even more so.

Today, Saturday, the day after the challenge, I loaded up on strawberries as big as a baby’s fist and small mandarin oranges.

A trip to the Holly Grove Market and one of my favorite bakeries is happening shortly.

I will cook for my family tomorrow for mother’s day.

I wish and pray I could wave a magic wand and make everyone as lucky as I am.

Menu Day 5                                                                  


Banana, 1 sm  $0.12

Yogurt Lw Ft  3oz  $0.20


Bread, Wht  2 slices  $0.09

Pork Neckbones  2 oz  $0.12

Salad Dressing    .35oz/1 Tblsp.    $0.03


Rice, Long   1.58oz/.25cup   $0.10

Chicken Thigh  4.6oz/.5 pc  $0.45


Apple, Red Delicious        1/2 apple             $0.22

Carrot, Lg  2oz   $0.09

Celery    1 rib       $0.09

TOTAL $1.51

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