#LiveBelowThe Line Day 1 TOTAL $1.49

Before you scoff – please

Any Professional Chef or Professional Eater please contact me,

I would be happy to discuss the price and politics of food anytime.

Know this – I was 5’8″ by the age of 10 eating bologna sandwiches on white bread!

– consumed along with other now decried middle American processed foods.

For my LiveBelowTheLine challenge this week,

I did all my shopping at Save aLot on South Carrollton and Claiborne

in my New Orleans neighborhood, as most of my neighbors on a budget do.

Whole Foods and the various farmer’s markets were out of my price range.

As an experienced chef this task is easier for me than most.

Oh and don’t forget the Weight Watchers factor

– we live for budgeting our food intake!


Eggs, Lg 1 pc       $0.09

Bread, White 1 slice        $0.05

Butter, Swt Crm 1/2 Tblsp.           $0.03


Bread, White 2 slices      $0.09

Bologna, Oscar Meyer 2 slices $0.16

Salad Dressing 1 Tblsp.   $0.03


Beans, Red Kidney .25cup dry    $0.10

Rice, Long White, Mahatma .25cup dry  $0.10


Banana, 1 sm     $0.12

Yogurt Lw Ft 4oz $0.27

Carrots  2oz        $0.09

Celery   1 rib       $0.09

Apples, Red Delicious 1/2 apple $0.22

TOTAL $1.44

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