Professional Eater, Semi-Retired

I was a Cook, and a Chef for many years.

I was also a Professional Eater, in many ways I still am.

Should those words be capitalized?

Yes, it was my title, I was good at it, I dedicated time, money, effort and my life to it.

I traveled far and wide, I took educational food vacations, attended conferences, studied wine, dined alone and in groups.

I am not alone, food as sport, food as art, food as an obsession, has been in fashion for years.

These days I am thinking about what I eat and how much I spend on food – not just money, but how much time I dedicate to the pursuit of my next meal.

In August 2012 I started a break from the professional hospitality world, tended to a dying father, returned to study at a University, and volunteered to share my cooking skills within community.

Now, more often, I cook at home in pursuit of balance.

I dine out less frequently.

Beginning Monday April 29 till Friday May 3, I will live on $1.50 a day for food and drink.

This is in support of Live Below The Line and the 1.4 Billion people worldwide who survive on only $1.5o a day – living every day in extreme poverty.

Though I am a Professional Chef, a very skilled cook, and an expert bargain hunter – it will be a difficult challenge.

Please support this cause and think of those less fortunate the next time you buy a $3 coffee or dine out.

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